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Asha and Ace had pups on Oct 31, 2012.   The 2 female  pups pictured below are open for potential adoption. Please contact us if you are interested.  Page updated on 2/16?13 



Half Nosed girl is pictured below: She is open for adoption.  She will be a large female.  She will make a good alert dog. 
Black Girl is pictured below: She is open for adoption.  She is quite active and loves people.  She is very alert.  She might be a little overwhelming for young children. 
The below pups are considered sold. 
SOLD to CA:  Orange boy is OPEN for ADOPTION.    He is going to be a large boy.  He is a little less active than the average KBD but is quite alert and smart. 
Red Girl is pictured below: SOLD to CA She will be quite small for a female KBD.   She is more on the reserved side. 
Mil Blue Boy is pictured below:  SOLD  He is living in TX
Blue Boy is pictured below: SOLD.  He is living in B.C. He will make an awesome bear dog. 
White boy is pictured below: Sold to Western Washington
Green Girl is pictured below: SOLD.  She is living in Alberta.
Mil Green Boy is pictured below.  He is SOLD and is living in Oregon.