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LOST KBD's- If you have a lost  KBD and want me to keep an eye out for it let me know.  (hopefully your KBD was not off leash when it should of been on leash)


There are also many times that a person contacts me with what they think is a KBD.  If I do not think it is a full KBD I will not list it as a KBD in need of rescue.  Sorry

 If you would like to be placed on my list of people potentially interested in adopting a KBD that needs to be re-homed then please e-mail me so I can notify you when a KBD comes open for potential adoption. beardog@wildblue.net   NOT ALL PEOPLE WILL BE SUITED TO CARE FOR A RESCUED KBD.  I hear of KBD's needing rescue all over the US and Canada.  Don't let distance from where I live be a reason not to place your name on a list.  I will most likely only contact you if you live within driving distance of the KBD needing to be re-homed. 



If you are interested in helping to provide finances to a future rescue KBD that is in danger of being euthanized please let me know and I will place you on my list of people potentially willing to financially help re-home a KBD that is placed in a kill shelter.  Funds would not go through Jackknife Mountain but directly to the person helping to ship the dog.


Most KBD's do not need financial help in being re-homed but there is a small sub-set of disturbed KBD's that need special help in order to be rehabilitated by the right people. 



If you are interested please e-mail us at:  beardog@wildblue.net



The bear dogs on this page are thought to be full Karelian Bear Dogs but most do not have registration papers.  Please contact the person associated with the dog to find out more information.