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Our Karelian Bear Dogs are fun loving, full of energy and very well socialized.   Our males are registered through the Universal Kennel Club International (UKCI) and the AKC as foundation stock. All of our females are registered through the UKCI and will be eligible for registration though the AKC as foundation stock.   Our Karelians are very well socialized and have been exposed to children and cats.  Our Bear Dog Puppies are raised in our house for the first couple of weeks and then are transferred to our kennel where they are allowed to come into the house daily. Most days our older pups are allowed to run and play around our property.    We live in the mountains in a remote area of Washington State around the town of Kettle Falls where our dogs have plenty of room to run and roam.


The Karelian Bear Dog is currently being used in some of the National Parks in bear management and control.  (There are times when we are willing to donate a pup to a Washington State agency if it will be used for predator control.)  They are an effective and humane way to keep bears out of unwanted areas. Bear Dogs will stand up to bears to protect their masters.  We live in an area that is populated heavily with black bears and cougars and we use the Karelians to protect our family.  Our Karelian Bear Dogs have had many encounters with the local bear population and have lived up to the breed's reputation.  When we go outside, we take a Bear Dog with us to protect ourselves from the wildlife in our area.


The Karelian Bear Dog sometimes spelled with a C (Carelian Bear Dog) is a rare breed in the United States, originating in Finland in the area of Karelia.  The Russo European Laika (REL), although similar in appearance, is a different breed of dog.  Unfortunately, it is common practice to cross breed these two dogs and refer to the cross as an "American".  These crosses are not accepted as purebred by most kennel clubs.  Please, be a knowledgeable owner and do your research before purchasing a puppy.


Karelian Bear dogs have been trained to hunt small game ranging from squirrels to hares upwards to big game such as elk and bear.  They are very courageous as they will ward off wolf, moose and bear.  Bear Dogs are protective and loyal to their masters willing to risk their own life in order to protect their master.  This is a hardy breed that has few health problems and for its size eats only a small amount of food.  Keep in mind that not all Karelians are fearless.


Do you participate in recreational activities or reside in an area that is inhabited by large predators? If so, then a Karelien would be the right breed for you. 



If you are interested in acquiring a puppy, please email me at jackknifemountainranch@gmail.com


If you prefer you can phone me at 509-738-2264 or 509-981-8880  (please do not leave messages on this line)
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